Dear Our Special Visitors,

You are not only very important person, but Very Invaluable Property for the future world. And yet, you are still to be polished up with proper education and pain-staking training in your major discipline. NPIC will provide you with such conditions; appropriate class size, high-tech facilities with ample practicum space; more than 550 computers for free use, 6 hours of foreign language training per week; 1,150 class hours per year, new dormitory accommodating more than 650 students; lawn ground for foot-ball and running; various audio-visual laboratories; big in-door gymnasium; and etc.

Most of all, NPIC is ready to help the students who are in need of scholarship support. In the school year 2007-2008, more than 180 students enjoy various scholarships ranging from full-scholarship to 30 per cent of reduction from tuition and fee. Some of the students are to be sent to Korea or elsewhere for their further studies in higher degrees with full scholarship.

Why do not you apply now? Get ready in NPIC to rise up and shine your light toward the future! You are very special to us and to your country.

H.E. Bun Phearin                       Dr. Sung Chul Kim, Ph. D.

President                                    Co-President