• Civil Engineering

    For developing one country, two processes, manufacturing and construction, are needed.

  • Electrical Engineering

    Electricity has been used in the manufacture for most of the things we use.

  • General Mechanical Engineering

    We create human resources in manufacturing field, and to develop Cambodia industry.

  • Automobile Engineering

    The reason for this is because of fast growing of personal cars.

  • Electronic Engineering

    Electronic field, the human resources to adapt the field is required.

  • Computer Science

    IT are workplace focused, keeping pace with changes within specific ICT sectors.

  • Optical Science

    NPIC Optical Science is Cambodia's first optical science established with the support of KOICA and Konyang University in Republic of Korea.

  • Culinary Art (Bakery & Cookery)

    Our society is transferred to what is governed by healthful and wealthy life.

  • Tourism and Hospitality

    Tourism and hospitality department is organized for tourism industries.

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