Double Degree

Double Degree: Faculty of Computer Science and Indonesia

Faculty of Computer Science and Indonesia

Please note that the Double Degree Program is for students in Faculty of Computer Science of NPIC only.

Faculty of Computer Science proudly presents the Double Degree Program:

Faculty of Computer Science of NPIC has signed Memorandum of Understand (MoU) with Polytechnic Consortium of Indonesia that has 9 Indonesian Polytechnics as the members, with the agreement to do Double Degree together, in 2011.

Following that, in 2012, we have agreed to sign Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on 3+1 Double Degree Program, in Indonesia.

For those of you who do not what 3+1 Double Degree Program is, it means you can get 2 bachelor degrees: one from NPIC and another one from Indonesia at one time. That is, you study only 4 years: 3 years in NPIC and 1 year in Indonesia. The same to Indonesian students who want Double Degree; they study 3 years in Indonesia and 1 year in NPIC.

The reason we can do that is because we mapped our curriculum between NPIC and those 9 Polytechnics of Indonesia. We study the same subjects and same hours in respected countries.

Until now, we have sent one group consisted of 5 students for the double degree in Indonesia. And we will send another group consisted of 7 students in this year as well.

5 IT Students in Jakarta, Indonesia

For more details:

  • Please contact 017-855-576 , 012-491-623 & 016-507-341.