Since NPIC is collaborated with Republic of Korea, NPIC gets a lot of supports from governments of korea and private Korean companies. They provide us human resources, experts and financial aids. Moreover, NPIC is also collaborate with a famous university in Korea called JeonJu University. NPIC gets huge supports from the university ( ), especially students scholarships.

Every year, they give full scholarships to students who get grade A from high school, 50% to grade B, 30% to grade C. They also give full scholarships to topmost outstanding students in the class for the following years.

For many years, JeonJu university has been provided full scholarships to 3rd year students from NPIC to study in the 3 years at JeonJu university to get bachelor degree.

Highschool students who got:

  • Grade A, get 100% off.
  • Grade B, get 50% off.
  • Grade C, get 30% off.
  • Female In case you are a girl, you get 30% off.

In the following year:

  • Outstanding students got 1st grade will get 100% off.
  • Outstanding students got 2nd grade will get 30% off.

For more details, please contact us.