Study in NPIC, students have plenty of time to work with teachers. That is, every day students study for 6 hours from Monday to Friday. Study here, you will have a lot of activity which can help you to improve your general knowledge, languages and skills. Obviously, NPIC provides activities such as Korean Language Club, English Language Club, Movie Club, Music Club etc. If you like playing sports, you can play here; we have Volley Ball, Basket Ball, and Table Tennis.

NPIC Students

Student Activities :

  • Improve Languages at Library
  • Camping
  • Cultural-Site Visits
  • Playing Sports


In the library of NPIC, students can find a lot of books in different majors like Computer Sciece, Electronics, Electricity, Civil Construction, Mechanics, Automobile, Culinary etc. You can have books for general subjects such as Khmer and Korean culture, mathematics, physics science, chemistry and languages. Everyday there are always local and foreign newspapers in the library. Moreover, we have video and audio players to help students who want to improve foreign languages.


On 16 May 2006 before the end of vacation, the institute made a history by doing camping in a field nearby the NPIC campus. During the time, students had to sleep overnight in somewhere in the NPIC campus. They could sleep on the floor or chairs. On 17 May, about 4 o\\\’clock in the morning, they had to get up and prepair anything before 5.30 AM. Next, they had some foods and start to have a journey to the field at 7 AM. From NPIC to the field, there were lots of water on the road and it was not easy to walk because we were in the rainy season. It is about 5 Km. On the site, they made foods by themselves; they worked as team; and they played some traditional games after having lunch. About 4 PM, we respected the flag there, and after that we went back to NPIC to have a sleep overnight again. On 18 May, which is the birthday of NPIC, we had soccer playoff in NPIC as well as a party in the evening. To find what happed during that day, please see Camping Photo Galleries.

NPIC Camping


From 23th to 25th of November 2007, the outstanding students who were the top 5 of every class are invited to visit Siem Reap. Moreover, the female students and every one from Tourism department could also have the same chance. The institute supports buses, 3 meals, housing, and a small pocket money. To find what happed during that day, see Visits Photo Galleries.

Cultural-Site Visits


Playing sports in NPIC is not only a hobby but it is also parts of the course. For the 1st and 2nd year of bachelor course, they have 2 hours of sports for every week. Students could choose either football or Taekwando. This would help their body stronger and healthier. In every year, NPIC always has football matches among students in NPIC. In addition, the best players of NPIC would be chosen to play with other universities teams. Not only do football do, Taekwando is also chosen to be compete with the others.

NPIC Sports